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What you can't forget when advertising your rental property.

When it comes to getting your property rented out quickly, there are a few things you simply can't forget. Here is a list of 4 things:

1-Good Photos:

When tenants are looking for places to rent, they will likely have many homes or apartments to choose from. You need to make sure your rental stands out! High quality photos that showcase your property will be instrumental.

2-Online listings:

If you think that just having the traditional old "for rent" sign in the front yard or window will do the trick, you might be missing out on a lot of renters who are using online rental sites. Good places to list your property are zillow, trulia, and apartments.com.

3- Consider a leasing experts advice:

If you are sick, you go to the doctor. In legal trouble, you get an attorney. If you need to rent your home out, why wouldn't you want to consult a professional Stockton Property Management Company? You can tap into their experience and maybe you will even decide to let them take care of all the hassles for you.

4- Specific details:

When tenants are browsing through rentals deciding which ones to consider, they must be able to quickly understand things like the rent price, deposit amount, is the deposit refundable, are pets allowed, how long is the lease, etc. Make sure to include this information or a lot of tenants may end up passing on your place because the info is not clear and specific.

This guest post was provided by our friends at Rave Property Management, a property manager in the Austin, Texas area.

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